About Good Guild

Maybe it’s the sense of permanence that turns us on. We only sell items that are made to stick around—exquisite, useful stuff that begs to be worn, admired, and held on to.

sunlight shines softly through the loom

Our eyes are fixed on the future, after all. The Good Guild exists to support creative arts for the next generation. Not because we want to be surrounded by beauty in our old age (though we certainly do), but because creativity makes the world a better place in every possible way.

Creativity fuels business, solves problems, connects people, and helps us navigate an increasingly complex world. Which begs the question, why on earth are we slashing budgets for arts programs?

So we’re creating a marketplace that connects artists and craftspeople, customers, students, and teachers in a mutually beneficial cycle of yes, yes, oh yes.

About the Artist

Elysa smiling in her studio with marbled paintings

Good Guild is the vision and manifestation of artist, designer, master craftswoman, Elysa Fenenbock.

Elysa has spent much of her life learning and mastering crafts and skills of traditions around the world.

Formally trained as a designer at the Joint Program in Design at Stanford, she couples these traditional skills with aesthetic, functional design and innovative technology.

the phoenix wing pendant, held in hand, shown in grayscale

Along her storied path as a student of craft, she has:

  • learned metal-smithing techniques in Florence, while working with jewelry and fiber work in the heart of Italy
  • received a master leather-working certification from a French master, formerly at Hermès
  • co-created with knitters and weavers in Lima and the Sacred Valley near Cuzco
  • learned weaving techniques in the far-off land of Rhode Island (RISD)

a sheet of leather with feather-shaped cut-outs, shown in grayscale